UV-C Shadowless Technology


The Impact of COVID-19 on Hospitality and Leisure

Hospitality is a vast global industry with over 700,000 hotels around the World. The sector contributes $3.41 trillion to the global economy and the hotel industry alone generates $570 billion per annum. Hospitality invariably features a customer occupying a space previously occupied by another unknown and unrelated individual. In the context of the pandemic, that previous individual in principle could have been COVID-19 positive. This dynamic has brought the hospitality industry to its knees during this unprecedented crisis.

The impact of COVID-19 is vast and still unpredictable. Both revenue and supply chains have been affected adversely and the closure of leisure centres, theatres, theme parks and cinemas are all too common. The entire disruptive effect of the travel ecosystem has stalled worldwide tourism.

Many hospitality businesses have been forced to suspend business temporarily and some will face permanent closure with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. As the hospitality industry slowly recovers the COVID-19 crisis continues to exert pressure and impacts on the way hospitality and leisure businesses operate severely. Hotels, restaurants, clubs and conference centres are expected to make substantial changes to their operations due to COVID-19 in order to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers and encourage customers to use their services. Livelihoods depend on it.


Our Solution

  • ELIPTIG® is a safe and simple device which can be incorporated into your daily cleaning routine. The patented device uses UV-C light to kill the COVID-19 virus, ensuring the safety of the next guest or visitor. ELIPTIG® is easy to operate and is activated remotely reducing the risk of human error. It quickly and effectively disinfects rooms from floor to ceiling, reaching parts inaccessible to staff and reducing the use of harmful cleaning chemicals.
  • Confidence is key. It’s more important now than ever that guests and visitors are able to return to their favourite hotels, cafés and gymnasia and enjoy a leisure break without fear.
  • Contact us to see how ELIPTIG® can help your organisation.