How UV-C disinfection is helping the hospitality industry get back on its feet

The UK hospitality industry comprises around 20,000 small businesses and employs an estimated 3.2 million people. It is a vital part of the UK economy, contributing more than £120bn a year but it has taken a huge hit during 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19.

Earlier this year, in a report published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Gössling et al highlighted the fact that hospitality businesses are expected to make sweeping changes to their operations in the light of COVID-19, in order to protect their employees and customers.

Many of these changes focus around cleaning and disinfection. Ramping up these procedures can be costly but recent research has found that a large portion of hotel and restaurant customers (around 30 percent for restaurants and 40 percent for hotels) are willing to pay more for increased safety precautions.

They also like to be kept informed about what hotels and restaurants are doing to keep them safe. Providing details of your cleaning and disinfection procedures on your website is now a wise move, as is displaying signs that detail your safety and cleanliness standards. All of this can make customers more likely to dine or stay with you.

The problem with implementing stringent cleaning procedures is that it can be time-consuming – and there can be the added worry that manual cleaning is not effective enough. This is a valid concern: manual cleaning has been found to reduce contamination by only 36% (Armellino 2020).

One powerful solution to these problems is UV-C disinfection. People have known about the power of light to eliminate organisms such as bacteria and viruses for over a century and in recent years a growing body of evidence has shown just how effective it is. UV light eliminates viruses by altering their DNA so they cannot reproduce. They then die off, leaving your surfaces virus-free.

While some UV disinfection devices miss surfaces that have been shadowed by objects in the room, our patented elliptical lamp arrangement with the unique rotational design of ELIPTIG® minimises shadows, making it a supremely effective way of eliminating viruses and other organisms.

Extensive and rigorous clinical trials have proven that ELIPTIG® successfully disinfects entire rooms from floor to ceiling, reaching under surfaces and into places that might be missed by manual cleaning. Disinfecting your premises our UV-C ELIPTIG® S and ELIPTIG® R is quick and easy. It gives you and your guests an extra layer of protection over and above that achieved by manual cleaning, and is a vital tool for helping you and your business get back to normality.